Jul 12

Buycott – The App That Hits Back!

Buycott – The App That Hits Back!

Buycott is a mobile app which we have incorporated into our campaign. It gives consumers the ability to fight seal hunts and culls by targeting governments and businesses responsible. The Buycott App is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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Buycott – The App that hits back!

The beauty of the Buycott App is that it allows us to take our boycott much further afield. While our tourism boycott of Namibia has proven a great success, it has it’s limitations in that not everyone is able to support us. This is because people have no intentions of travelling to Namibia in the first place.

With this app, not only are we able to target Namibian export produce directly and effectively, but we are also able to incorporate other campaigns in the same manner. These campaigns include the Scottish seal cull, the Canadian seal hunt and the slaughter of sea lions on the Columbia River system.

Through our correspondence with the developers, we are able to reveal some exciting developments to the app which will greatly enhance the efficacy of our campaign.

Mods are in progress which will enable consumers to share the info immediately via Facebook and Twitter. Consumers will also be able to contact suppliers directly, informing them as to why the product is being boycotted.

Hall of Fame and Wall of Shame are supported within the apps features. These will be complimented by frequent cross posting via our website, social media channels and network of international support partners. Businesses can be continuously updated so as to reflect the current trend.

 We currently have two active campaigns. More will be added in due course as will additional businesses be loaded onto the system

Our first campaign targets the Namibian seal hunt. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

Our second campaign targets the Scottish seal cull. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

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