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Jan 15

Roy Lee Miller Beat A Seal Pup to Death – JAILED!

Roy Lee Miller, from San Diego has been jailed for beating a seal pup to death with a rock. Roy Lee Miller, a homeless man convicted of killing an elephant seal pup by hitting it in the head with a rock, was sentenced Thursday to 16 months in county jail and 32 months on mandatory …

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Jan 11

International Day Of The Seal – How YOU can partake!

International Day Of The Seal – What’s it about? International Day Of The Seal was declared by congress in 1982. It is universally recognised as a day of action to draw attention to the obscene cruelty of seal hunting. It is celebrated on (or around) the 15th of March. Animal welfare groups opposed to cruelty …

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Nov 11

San Diego seal killer trial begins

SAN DIEGO SEAL KILLER TRIAL began on Tuesday for a homeless man accused of beating a seal pup to death. Roy Lee Miller says he killed the animal because it was making strange noises and seemed in distress. Miller, 44, was arrested on a warrant and arraigned in Superior Court on a charge of cruelty to …

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Nov 04

Reward Offered – Decapitated Seals

Reward offered – A decapitated seal pup found on Morriscastle Strand is a suspected victim of a human attack, making it the second such case in Wexford in recent weeks. We are offering $1 000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/s responsible. The seal was discovered on the beach …

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Oct 23

Seal meat and seal oil banned from Namibian livestock feed

Seal meat  – Namibia pleads with farmers not to use seal meat in livestock feed The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry yesterday again urged stakeholders in the meat industry not to use seal oil and seal meat in livestock feed, as it is strictly prohibited. This is in accordance with the requirements of international …

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Sep 24

San Diego Seal Killer Ordered To Stand Trial

SAN DIEGO  SEAL KILLER ORDERED TO STAND TRIAL A homeless man (aka the San Diego Seal Killer) who claimed he bludgeoned an elephant seal pup to death because he thought the animal was in distress was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on a felony charge of cruelty to an endangered or protected animal. Roy Lee …

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Sep 08

EU parliament strengthens seal hunt trade ban

EU seal hunt trade ban strengthened Fewer seals could be hunted for their fur thanks to a stronger EU ban on the trade in seal product, approved in plenary on Tuesday (631 MEPs in favour, 31 against, 33 abstentions). The new rules will extend the ban to products resulting from hunts to protect fishing stocks, …

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Sep 04

EU Seal Hunt Ban Upheld

EU seal hunt ban uphelp in Brussels. A European Union ban on imports of seal products not derived from the traditional Inuit seal hunt is legal, the 28-nation bloc’s top court ruled on Thursday. The Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice rejected an appeal brought by an association representing the interests of Canadian Inuits – Inuit …

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Aug 17

Murderous Gulls Rip Out Baby Seals Eyes – Feast On Remains

Murderous Gulls Rip Out Baby Seals Eyes So They Can Feast On The Remains.  Murderous gulls have developed a hunting strategy never before seen in the animal world—eating the eyeballs of live seal pups, a new study says. During the past 15 years, scientists have logged around 500 instances of kelp gulls (Larus dominicanus) attacking …

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Aug 17

Aussie Seal Killer Vows To Continue

Ngarrindjeri elder Darrell Sumner faces two years’ jail for killing long-nosed fur seals in the Coorong to protect totems. Picture: Kelly Barnes Source: News Corp Australia Aussie seal killer vows to continue An Aboriginal elder culling fur seals amid govern­ment inaction over their invasion of the Coorong and Murray lakes faces fines of up to …

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