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Apr 09

Sunday Bloody Sunday – Canadian Cruelty and Carnage Begins

Sunday Bloody Sunday Sunday, April 12th will see the start of the 2015 Canadian seal hunt season; the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth. We will call a spade a bloody shovel. Canadian cruelty and carnage begins on Sunday, bloody Sunday. (Tweet it NOW) The Canadian DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) has released …

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Apr 09

Seal hunt subsidy adds insult to injury

Seal hunt subsidy – superfluous and unfair Canada’s beleaguered seal hunt is finding itself under ever increasing pressure as the culture of cruelty gasps its dying breaths. Yet another seal hunt subsidy is required. The vast majority of international nations are slowly but surely progressing towards a more enlightened and humane way of living. Worldwide, …

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Apr 06

Sick sea lions swamp rescue center

sick sea lions

Influx of sick sea lions swamps Morro Bay rescue center Tweet to help! Marine Mammal Center facility is facing an unprecedented number of starving sick sea lions and pups because of disruptions in the ocean food chain One of many lethargic sick sea lions rests in a cage at the Marine Mammal Center rescue facility …

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Mar 28

Seal eats sharks! Leaves marine scientists baffled!

Heroic seal eats sharks Seal eats sharks? It’s true! Video footage captured off South Africa by professional diver Chris Fallows has challenged conventional wisdom that seals eat mostly only fish under a foot in length. The latest revelations has scientists scratching their heads and shows the hunting habits of a lone Cape fur seal as …

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Mar 19

Seal Hunt Tweet Sheet

The following seal hunt tweet sheet contains suggested Tweets that can be used for any occasion to help fight the cruel commercial seal hunts of Namibia and Canada. It is divided into subsections allowing for Tweets to be mixed around and edited thus creating an infinite number possibilities. Replace #Tags with @(twitterhandles) add images from …

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Mar 17

Press Release: Seal Hunt Activists Unite. Shift Protest To Digital

Press release: Due – Immediate Seal hunt activists unite as social networks invite a million to protest online To: All media contacts Date: 17/03/2015 From:  “The Seals Of Nam.” Seal hunt activists in support of “Beauty Without Cruelty” and “The Seals Of Nam” will once again take to the streets of Cape Town in a united …

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Mar 09

The difference between the commercial & traditional seal hunt

Traditional seal hunt versus the commercial Canadian seal hunt Government propaganda and industry lies obfusticate the fundamental differences between the traditional Inuit seal hunt and the commercial Canadian seal hunt. The reason for this is that the government wishes to hide their disgraceful and cruel slaughter under the banner of the Inuit, who rely on …

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Mar 03

Ludicrous seal hunt quota from Canada’s foolhardy DFO

Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea releases 2015 seal hunt quota, violates policy, ignores warnings from government scientists and rubber stamps mass cruelty without so much as a thought to the devastating environmental impact of climate change. This year a total of 468 000 harp. hooded and grey seals are set to be brutally slaughtered as …

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Feb 22

Hitlers reaction to Namibia seal hunt!

Hitlers reaction to the Namibia seal hunt ! Although this post on Hitlers reaction to the seal hunt is meant to be humorous, it does draw attention to the fact that Namibia, a former German colony, is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa, Much truth spoken in jest! For more information on …

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Feb 10

International Seal Hunt Protests 2015

Seal hunt activists gather to protest Namibian seal hunt

It is that time of year once more when we are calling on individuals, celebrities and organizations to put aside any differences and unite with one common purpose – to protest the remaining commercial seal hunts and to give an unethical industry the middle finger. Protests are set to take place around the 20th of …

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