Jul 27

Corruption, Cahooting and Killing Baby Seals

As the annual blood bath begins in Namibia, the man who stands to benefit the most from the slaughtering of over 80,000 Cape fur seal pups, the “King of the Cull” himself (who also happens to be the Turkish Consul to Namibia), arrives with promises of rewards for doing his dirty work.

However, if Turkey’s bid to join the EU is granted, the European ban on all seal products will be enforced upon one of Namibia’s largest importers of seal pelts.


So Namibia may prostitute itself to greedy businessmen like Yavuz and his ilk, but as the world increasingly distances itself from an undeniably corrupt and unethical industry, the markets will continue to shut down one by one.  The question then remains, how will an impoverished third world country recover from a tarnished reputation and the onslaught of a globally supported consumer boycott of sport, travel and produce?

You can join the outcry by pledging to boycott Namibia until this corrupt and cruel industry comes to an end.

You can email Hatem Yavuz at hatemyavuz@superonline.com