Apr 21

EU Trade Ban on Seal Products – Namibia defiant

EU Trade Ban on Seal Products – Namibia remains defiant

The Namibian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau has reiterated the country’s stance to the European Union’s (EU) ban on its seal products.

In his annual fishing industry address at Walvis Bay on the Namibian coast on Friday, Esau said Namibia will not submit to the 2009 sanctions on importation and marketing of its seal products in the EU markets.

“Our harvest is sustainable and we will not submit to such discriminatory trade practices. Just like other countries, we will take the struggle forward to ensure that our seal products have access to world markets,” he said in statement availed to APA on Sunday.

EU Trade Ban on Seal Products - Namibia defiant

Esau, the Slaughter Master.

The minister said the country will seek new markets for the seal products in Asia, the Americas and the Pacific.

Namibia exported seal products to Norway, Sweden and Finland until the sanction that was agitated by animal rights activists alleging inhumane manner in which the seals are being harvested the“ by clubbing.

The country harvest seals every year on quarter basis to manage their population, which in turn ensure the sustainability of the fishing industry. (our comment – he talks absolute BS)

In 2013, the government approved the harvesting of 80, 000 pups and 6,000 older seals for the next three years.

Article courtesy AP 

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