Jun 25

FIFA Stadium Puts Namibia Seal Hunt Into Perspective

World Cup FIFA Stadium puts Namibia seal cull into perspective

Fifa Stadium puts Namibia seal hunt into perspective

FIFA Stadium

The image above is of Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is where the final for the FIFA World Cup soccer 2014 was held. It is the largest football stadium on earth. Seating capacity 78 838 seats.

With Namibia’s seal hunt quota of 80 000,  you could put a dead seal, bludgeoned to death by a savage, in every seat of that stadium and fill it to beyond capacity. This would exclude a further 6 000 adult bull seals that are shot so that their penises can be used to make ineffective sex potions.

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What are YOU going to do?

Namibia fuels an illegal trade in animal body parts for fake medicines. By promoting seal penis as a sexual performance enhancer, Namibia is as guilty of fraud as those who claim medicinal benefits from rhino horn. A shop in South Africa is under investigation for selling Namibian seal penis without having the requisite CITES permits.

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Namibia fuels illegal trade in animal parts as medicines through the promotion of seal penis as an aphrodisiac

Is this where you wish to spend your tourist dollars? 

Join the global outcry. Take action!

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