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“There is a great misconception that as an individual, one cannot make a difference. Consequently you have a MILLION people doing nothing. If these million individuals banded together and stood up for what they believed in, they would be able to shift mountains.”


Will you stand up for what YOU believe in?
We  have put together a list of actions that almost everyone can do to help end the brutal and savage seal hunt in Namibia. Links will also provide you with picketing material such as posters, placards, fliers and banners.

  •  Sign our PETITIONS
  • Spread the word. Inform media, radio stations, news papers etc. Tweet and blog about “The Seals Of Nam ~ A True Horror Story”
  • Email the Namibian Tourism Board. Tell them how you as a potential tourist feel about the slaughter of 80 THOUSAND baby seals. You can also contact them via the contact page of their website by clicking HERE. Alternatively you can Tweet them @NamibiaHorizons
  • Email the Namibian Ombudsman, Adv. John Walters. Ask him why his recommendations to Government have not been implemented and urge him to bring about an immediate end to the slaughter.

Body battered, jaw broken… a baby seal lies in a pool of blood

  •  Ready made Tweets to celebrities. Click HERE
  • Invite all your Facebook friends to JOIN OUR PAGE
  • Start a protest in YOUR city. It’s actually easier than you think. HERE ARE SOME TIPS. Keep us informed of your progress so we can assist you in promoting the event.. Even our one man protests have been exceptionally effective receiving widespread media coverage.
  • SIGN UP to become a volunteer for us. We need people with diverse skills from all walks of life.

seal consrvation

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Namibia Tweet Sheet

Below is a list of ready made tweets. Simply log into your Twitter account and CLICK ON THE NUMBERED POINTS BELOW. You can come back as often as you wish! Be sure to LIKE and TWEET this page!    Baby Seals in #Namibia get so scared they vomit up their mothers milk in fear before …

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