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Hatem Yavuz – The Butcher of Namibia

Hatem Yavuz, aka The Butcher of Namibia, is the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of seals – both in Canada, as well as in Namibia.

Yavuz is an Australian national who holds dual citizenship with Turkey.  He is the honorary consulate of Namibia to Turkey and, as their diplomat, has both a luxury vehicle, as well as offices which are paid for by the Namibian tax payer.  Honorary or not, as the consul of Namibia, he is a government official; yet he benefits directly from the sale of the country’s assets.

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Yavuz pays roughly US$7 per pelt.  It takes between 6-8 pelts (dead seals) to make one fur coat.  Yavuz will sell that coat for Aus$30,000.  If you convert that to Namibian currency, you are looking at around NAM$253,000 – enough money to buy an upmarket town house in Swakopmund.  This money, however, does not remain in Namibia to benefit the economically disadvantaged.  It goes to Yavuz who cavorts between Sidney and Istanbul living the life of a multi-millionaire and, according to media reports, ingratiates himself with whores and prositutes.

Not only does Yavuz put pressure on the Namibian tax payer; he disgraces his position as consul and insults the entire country by committing adultery with Ivana Sert, the wife of Turkish billionaire Yurdal Sert.  He retains his position as Namibia’s diplomat and no disciplinary measures have been taken.

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The act of beating an animal to death is horrific to most people.  To Muslims, it is a violation of religious laws that govern how an animal should be slaughtered and is haraam.  Not only the method of slaughter, but also that it is not done out of necessity.  As such, living off the ill-gotten proceeds is also haraam.  As a man fond of accusing activists for not paying attention to Gaza, Yavuz should take a page out of his own book.  Any upstanding Muslim will agree that Yavuz makes a mockery of the faith of Islam, and his business of mass slaughter is nothing short of an insult to Allah.

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