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International Day Of The Seal – How YOU can partake!

International Day Of The Seal – What’s it about?

International Day Of The Seal was declared by congress in 1982. It is universally recognised as a day of action to draw attention to the obscene cruelty of seal hunting. It is celebrated on (or around) the 15th of March. Animal welfare groups opposed to cruelty use this day to apply global pressure on the sealing industry before the start of the Canadian seal hunt. 

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international day of the seal

International Day Of The Seal is used to apply global pressure on the sealing industry.

Tell me more about International Day of the Seal. What has been your organization’s involvement?

Our organization was founded on International Day of The Seal in 2010. We were shocked to discover the Namibian seal hunt was virtually unheard of. Compared to the Canadian hunt, the atrocities happening on the beaches of Namibia had received minimal media attention. Namibia’s seal hunt had no celebrities condemning the brutality. Only ONE organization had a dedicated campaign to defend the Cape fur seals!

It became our mandate to unite interested parties in a “Global Outcry.” The reason? To “bring the stench of the Namibian seal massacre to the nostrils of an indignant world.”

Since our inception we have collaborated with internationally recognised conservation bodies and anti-cruelty organizations. These include Sea Shepherd, Seal Alert, The International Anti Fur Coalition, Bite Back, HarpSeals.org, Beauty Without Cruelty, The Foundation for Antarctic Research, Rock the Nature (Germany) Fur Free South Africa, The Jane Goodall Institute (SA), WEEAC and EarthRace Conservation to name but a few.

We have garnered the support of celebrities. We have had articles published in the international media. We have had representatives appear on international radio and TV networks. We have generated major petitions and staged successful demonstrations in leading international destinations. We shall continue to to do so until commercial seal hunts are universally banned. We cannot succeed without YOUR support.

International Day of The Seal supported by celebrity model Christina Storm

FHM cover model Christina Storm supports our global outcry on International Day of The Seal

Sounds great! How can I get involved with International Day of the Seal?

There are LOADS of ways to get involved!

  1. Stage a protest!

    We like our protests to be fun. We LOVE creativity! The purpose of our protests is to involve and engage members of the public about a very serious issue. We will not tolerate an unruly mob misbehaving and making a nuisance of themselves.

    We urgently need dedicated and compassionate individuals (or organizations) to join our global outcry! To make a success of International Day of the Seal (on or around March 15th) we will be staging seal hunt protests in various cities around the globe. The more the merrier!International Day of the Seal

    Will there be one in YOUR town? That depends on YOU. Are you passionate enough to take a stand against obscene cruelty? Do you have what it takes to be a coordinator? It’s quite simple really!

    Coordinators will be required to liaise with us in choosing a suitable location from which to protest. They will need to get legal permission to protest from the relevant authorities. We will provide press releases and will assist with promotion of the event through various social media channels. We will provide access to picketing materials such as banners, posters, information leaflets etc. Our dedicated team will be on standby to answer any queries that may arise.

    Coordinators are expected to assist us in promoting their event by forwarding our press releases to local media houses and placing notifications of the event on Facebook, Twitter, online event calendars etc. They will be required to send us photos of their event.

    NOTE – it is NOT the SIZE of the protest that matters. What matters is how well it is staged. Location, visibility and creativity are what is important. We have seen fantastic and super effective protests which have garnered media attention being staged by just one or two individuals. Typically though you can expect around 15 to 50 people to join in.

    If you have what it takes (and we are certain you do) please contact us. The sooner we get the ball rolling for you, the more likely your event will be a roaring success! Email patdickens@thesealsofnam.org for more info.

  2. Tweet it!

    Twitter is an excellent method of sharing information and you don’t need to be a genius to use it. All you need is a Twitter account. We have several tweet sheets dedicated for the purpose. You simply click on the tweet it buttons and we will take care of the rest!

    You can find our Namibia seal hunt tweet sheets HERE and HEREWe also have a mini tweet sheet which can be found HERE

    Our friends from The Seal Army (@thesealarmyare fantastic when it comes to generating AWESOME tweet sheets against the Canadian hunt. Check them on THIS LINK! And don’t forget to give them a LIKE on Facebook 

  3. Other Ideas?

    You bet! But we want to see if you are genuinely interested or if you are just a casual browser. If you are GENUINELY INTERESTED click on the seal supporter image below!

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Click me if you are a seal supporter!

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