Feb 11

International Protest Against Seal Clubbing


Each year THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of innocent seals are violently and savagely beaten to death for their fur, oil and genitals.

Thousands of animals, particularly the agile Cape fur seals in Namibia, receive multiple beatings before they are rendered dead or unconscious.  As if this was not bad enough, both video evidence as well as veterinary reports confirm that hundreds of others are often skinned alive in a perverse violation of internationally accepted anti-cruelty laws.

The USA, Mexico, the 27 nations of the EU, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and recently Taiwan have all BANNED the import of seal derived products based on the inherent cruelty involved.  While we applaud the compassionate stance of these countries, it is not enough.

We need YOU to join us in A GLOBAL OUTCRY!

Throughout this week long event, our 3rd of its kind in consecutive years, we plan to capitalise on our past successes by staging protests and demonstrations in as many cities, towns and villages around the world as we possibly can.

We acknowledge that not everyone is able to participate by physically attending such protests.  To cater for as many people as possible, we will be releasing regular ONLINE ACTIONS that will make up a large component of our activities.  We will bring in both print, broadcast and electronic media and we hope to have celebrity involvement, too.

In order to ensure its success, we ask that you INVITE ALL YOUR CONTACTS as well as SHARE this event across as many pages and groups as you possibly can.

We will also require a number of VOLUNTEERS to assist us in staging events and help us coordinate various activities.  This page will be regularly UPDATED to include confirmed locations with links to regional protests as they come on board.

We will assist in promoting all locations through our social networks and supporting bodies, such as that of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, thus making it easier for YOUR protest to be a success.

If you are interested in staging a protest, please email our volunteer coordinator Mia on mia@thesealsofnam.org

We look forward to your contributions.

The Team

The Seals Of Nam


South Africa

1) Durban – Date: Saturday, March 16

Contact: Mia at mia@thesealsofnam.org

Click for Facebook event link.

2) Johannesburg – Date: Friday, March 15

Contact: Tricia at knowmore@no-more.co.za

Click for Facebook event link.

3) George/Garden Route Date: Friday, March 15

Contact: Pat at patdickens@thesealsofnam.org

Click for Facebook event link.

4) Cape Town – Date: Saturday, March 16

Contact Toni from Beauty Without Cruelty or follow the Facebook event link.


1) Antwerp – Date: Saturday, March 16

Contact: Be Generation Now or follow the Facebook event link.


1) Melbourne – Date: Saturday, March 23

Follow the Facebook event link.


1) Toronto – Date Saturday, March 16

Contact kradziszewska@ifaw.org

Click for Facebook event link.

2) Halifax Nova Scotia – Date: Saturday, March 16

Contact Bridget Curran at bridget@antisealingcoalition.ca

Click for Facebook event link.

3) Nanaimo – Date: Saturday, March 16

Contact: Vancouver Island Animal Defense League or click HERE for more details.

Beauty Without Cruelty protest of Namibia seal hunt

Cape Town and Beauty Without Cruelty protest Namibia Seal Hunt