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Keith the Grey seal

Meet Keith. She is a young adult Grey seal in a dire situation. She needs your help!

Background info

Late in October of 2012 a canoeist discovered a young female Gray seal in the river Severn, 80 miles from the sea where she belongs. How she got there is open to speculation but it is probable she got lost. Lacking the company of her own kind, and unable or unwilling to find her way back to the sea, Keith  (as she is affectionately known) has made the upper reaches of the river her home. She has become a local celebrity and the rare sighting is a treasure. Welcomed by most but begrudged by a handful who want her gone.

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to capture and relocate Keith. Now, under a legal loophole, Keith is eligible to be shot. Much like a different seal before her.

Don't let this happen to Keith

Don’t let this happen to Keith


A greedy, selfish and intolerant bunch of recreational fishermen are blaming her for poor catches. Without any scientific evidence, these ignorant folks claim that this one animal; the size of a large dog; has devoured the entire rivers worth of fish stock. They should be blaming themselves. What the Angling Trust fails to mention is they represent numerous clubs each with several hundred members, all of whom contribute to declining stocks; much more so than a single seal. Shooting her is not going to solve the problem.

What you can do.

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Contact details for the Angling Trust . Call, fax or email them. 

  • Contact: Angling Trust Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
  • Tel: 0844 7700616  Fax: 0115 9061 251 (+44) UK
  • Email: admin@anglingtrust.net

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Suggested letter

Dear Ed. I am alarmed by the news that Keith, the celebrity seal, may be shot. She poses no greater threat to the ecosystem than the several thousand recreational fishermen that are affiliated to the Angling Trust. She is not to blame for a bad catch! It is time fishermen started taking responsibility for their own actions. What is their obsession with killing seals? Is there anyone who can intervene? Please ask the mayor what he/she thinks of this obscene plan to slaughter a lost seal that is causing no harm.

Looking forward to the response.