Dec 30

Mass die off of Cape Fur seals

seal pup, dead

seal pup, dead

The Cape Fur seal, Arctocephalus Pusillus Pusillus, endemic to the waters of South Africa and Namibia is currently undergoing a mass die off. This has been confirmed by independent eye witnesses from both countries.

In 2006, an estimated 300 thousand seals died of starvation in Namibia. This is the largest recorded mass die off of any marine mammal in history. With depleted fish stocks and current atmospheric conditions playing out in the Benguela,  it is probable that the present die off will see more deaths than that of 2006.


Quoting source “I counted 86 dead seals in just four kilometres before Lamberts Bay. Over the last four days between Doringbaai and Draaihoek I have walked past over 2 000 carcasses at varying degrees of decay.”

In a recent press release, the Namibian government attempts to allay public concerns by claiming the excessive deaths are a natural phenomenon, coinciding with the peak birthing period. The press release makes no mention of the over fishing of the Benguela Current nor the manner in which the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources ignores scientific warnings.

Quoting source “THIS year’s total allowable catches (TACs) for hake and monk fish are 30 per cent and 40 per cent higher than scientists have recommended to Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Bernard Esau. However, Esau is confident that his decision not to heed the scientific advice and recommendations from the Marine Resource Advisory Council will not disrupt the balance of Namibia’s marine species.

Bad news Mr. Minister. It has. The seals never were the problem. Not in 5 million years. It is the trawlers and the reckless, negligent actions on your part that has contributed to this current mass die off. Now the wildlife is starving.

There has been no official comment from the SA government.

You can help by signing and sharing our petitions. Oh… and stop eating fish.

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