Oct 30

Namibia Seal Hunt Facts

While the world appears to have lost interest in the Namibian seal hunt and activists eyes have turned to Taiji, we remind our followers that the brutality of the worlds cruelest mass slaughter is not over yet. Indeed, there are still another two weeks of hell to go for the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa.

irresponsible resource management from Namibia

Namibia seal slaughter. Sustainable?

By this stage, and after the daily disturbance and five months of “hunting” there are very few pups left in the colonies. 80 000 of them have been brutally clubbed to death by uneducated, impoverished men who are so desperate for employment that they do not realise the extent to which they are being exploited. The rest have fled.

Panicked and desperate to escape the unimaginable cruelty, many of these cubs, who have been forcibly separated from their mothers, will drown at sea. Others will wash up along beaches, hundreds of miles from their home; lost, starving, terrified and confused.

seal pup, dead

seal pup, dead

The lucky few may be rescued by charitable organizations. Others will be attacked by dogs, tormented by onlookers or be battered to death on the jagged rocks in rough and stormy seas. This is their grim reality and these facts about Namibia cannot be disputed.

But, those responsible have not yet satisfied their lust for blood and the seaside orgy of violence is not over. Instead, they will now turn their perverse intentions to the adult bull seals. Up to 6 000 of these gentle and intelligent creatures will be shot in the face from a point blank range.

Namibia seal hunt

seal hunt facts

The reason is as diabolical as it is iniquitous. These animals, which are related to dogs, will have their lives taken so that their penises can be shipped to the East. There they will be used as an ingredient to make useless sex tonics and mumbo-jumbo potions.

seal penis drying

seal penis fraudulently marketed as an effective sex potion

By fraudulently promoting seal penis as a sexual stimulant, Namibia fuels an illegal trade in animal body parts for fake medicines. What difference is there between this country and those that promote medicinal benefits of rhino horn?

We ask that YOU as a consumer take action and help us end this tragedy. Firstly, encourage your friends to boycott all tourism, sport and products from Namibia. For more info see here

You can sign and share our petitions HERE 

You can make use of our sample letters to government and the media HERE

We have free fliers, posters and placards available HERE Please print out a few and hand them out to colleagues and friends

As usual, we thank you for your support.

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