Open Letter to Canadian Government

Open Letter to Canadian Government

Are you outraged by the cruelty of the Canadian seal hunt? Do you find it  to be unethical, barbaric and deplorably wrong? Shamefully vile and disgusting? Why not send an open letter to the Canadian government? YES YOU CAN!

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Read on and we will let you in on a secret!!

open letter to Canadian government re seal hunt

open letter to Canadian government re seal hunt Photo credit HSI

Are you shocked enough to do something about it? Below is an example of what you can use as your open letter to the Canadian government. You can either copy and paste or make alterations as appropriate. 

To: The Honorable Members of the Canadian Senate; the Right Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper, members of the international media. 

Subject: The politics of seals – an open letter to the Canadian Government.

It is 2015. This correspondence has reached you through some of the most technologically advanced equipment ever designed. The country of Canada, blessed with some of the most scenic landscapes on the planet, is advanced and wealthy. Yet the annual sealing issue relegates the image to that of a bunch of cruel, backward and ignorant barbarians.

Facts can no longer be denied. Climate change; modern trawlers and wasteful; unsustainable fishing practices, are the reason for a decline in fish stocks. Seals have have lived in harmony with nature for millions of years. They are not a threat to the oceans. They are a vital component.

The total number of seals is nowhere in size as to what it once was. The fur industry of the 1950’s and the 1960’s reduced the overall population by 2/3’s. Although it is recovering slowly, a new threat has emerged. Climate change.

Undeniable evidence, confirmed by the Canadian DFO, shows that harp seals are under massive threat from climate change. The reports confirm 100% mortality rate across several whelping areas. Since it takes the species 5 years to sexually mature, the significance and impact of this mass die-off are unknown. To ignore the precautionary principle is unwise. To set the highest TAC quota in history is reckless, if not downright foolish.

The hunt is not humane. I know it, you know it. We all know it. It is impossible to enforce legislation and accurately monitor for cruelty. Video evidence collected over the years shows rampant cruelty and repeated violations of the law. Thirty five countries have banned the product because of cruelty issues. Lack of demand has resulted in thousands of pelts laying rotting in warehouses. Even Carino has opted out of buying skins.

To provide subsidies year in and year out, only brings false hope to those involved. More countries are set to ban the product. Subsidizing the hunt is a waste of money, an unwelcome burden on an already stretched tax payer. Considering the money from subsidies could be better served in education or health, one must query the level of business acumen the government employs.

Serious questions need to be asked before supporting any government that promotes cruelty; denies climate change, behaves recklessly and wastes the tax payers money on a deceitful and frivolous exercise.

I hereby urge the Government of Canada to see their folly and end the seal hunt immediately, once and for all. Failing this, I would encourage the citizens of Canada to support a political party that will acknowledge and address these concerns. Canada is otherwise deserving of the same international contempt Japan receives over her whaling policy. She should be ostracized accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Now to let you in on our little secret…
TIP – If you email all the senators at once, you will trigger spam filters. Break them up into groups of 10 or less. This way your open letter to the Canadian Government has a greater chance of success!!  
  • HINT You can always cc your local news media in too! CNN BBC … let them KNOW there is a GLOBAL OUTCRY!
Below are all the email addresses of the Canadian members of senate. 

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Email Addresses of Canadian Senators;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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