Nov 09

Puppets, Politics and Propaganda. Harper and the Hunt.

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Harper and the Hunt

South Dildo, Canada

Keith Hutchings, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture has announced that the provincial government will splurge another $38 700.00 of the tax payers money on a propaganda campaign to help Carino Processing LTD with a branding and marketing strategy for its seal products.

This amount is over and beyond the $3.6 million the company has already received by way of subsidies. Print and online promotional materials, translated into Mandarin and other languages, will focus on promoting seal meat, seal oil, and fur and leather products. No mention of the barbaric and savage cruelty involved will be made. Neither will the toxic levels of mercury poisoning in seal meat be revealed.

Rather than spend this money investing in a federal buyout of a dying industry, the Canadian government chooses to push forward with lies claiming the annual massacre is both humane, sustainable and free from cruelty. Instead, Canada’s unethical government, under the direction of Stephen Harper will continue to muzzle¬†scientists involved in food and consumer product safety and environmental monitoring.

If you wish to give Carino a piece of your mind, you can contact the CEO Dion Dakins. Details as follows

Carino Processing Ltd.

Dion Dakins
Phone: (709)-582-2100
Fax: (709)-582-2487
P.O. Box 6146
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5X8

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