Jan 10

Reward offered!

We are offering a R5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone found to be shooting or in any way intentionally harming seals in South Africa.

injured fur seal, illegal poaching, South Africa

Cape Fur seal with gunshot wounds

The Cape fur seal is a protected species.  Under the Seals and Sea Birds Protection Act (South Africa), it is illegal to harm these animals.  Each year, thousands of fishermen intentionally harm thousands of seals.

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Cape Fur Seal with gunshot wounds

Nicknamed “Flipper”, this particular seal was rescued by Seal Alert SA.  It went on to have several adventures around Hout Bay (South Africa), one of which included having a bottle smashed over his head by a drunk fisherman.  Although he survived both the shooting and the bottle episode, it has been some time since he was last spotted.

Anyone who has any information regarding the intentional harming of seals within South African waters is asked to contact us via email info@thesealsofnam.org  All information will be treated with confidentiality and we     guarantee your anonymity.