Jan 15

Roy Lee Miller Beat A Seal Pup to Death – JAILED!

Roy Lee Miller, from San Diego has been jailed for beating a seal pup to death with a rock.

Roy Lee Miller, a homeless man convicted of killing an elephant seal pup by hitting it in the head with a rock, was sentenced Thursday to 16 months in county jail and 32 months on mandatory supervision in the community.

Roy Lee Miller, 45, was convicted last month of animal cruelty after his case was heard in San Diego Superior Court.

Prosecutor Kara Reedy has argued that Miller caused the animal unnecessary pain in February of last year when he encountered the seal pup underneath the North Harbour Drive bridge near Spanish Landing, near Lindbergh Field.

Miller and a companion had heard the animal making loud noises and believed it was in pain, according to testimony at a previous hearing.

Biologists in the area determined that the animal was healthy and making normal “calls” or sounds.

The seal’s body was found Feb. 28. A necropsy revealed it had multiple fractures to the right side of its skull.

Deputy Public Defender Joey Super has argued there was no evidence Miller acted with malice.

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Roy Lee Miller beat an elephant seal to death with a rock

Roy Lee Muller convicted of beating an elephant seal pup to death with a rock. Photo Credit Rob Tully

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