Oct 21

Seal Burger with Foie Gras Topping.

  • #Quebec restaurant sells #sealhunt burger coupled with #foiegras

It has come to our attention that Côté-Est, a restaurant based in Quebec, has had the ultimate troll-burger on its menu since 2012. Seal meat patty topped with foie gras.

To add insult to injury, this revolting concoction, surely the brainchild of a warped and sick individual desperate for attention, has been named “Phoque Bardot” which translates as “seal Bardot” This is in reference to Brigitte Bardot, the French actress turned animal rights activist who has spoken out against both the Canadian seal hunt as well as against the production of Foie Gras.

During the Canadian seal hunt, which has been proven by scientists and veterinarians to be unjustified, unethical and cruel, hundreds of thousands of seal pups less than 3 months old are violently beaten to death or are shot at from moving boats. It is estimated that for every pup successfully killed, one mortally wounded pup manages to escape beneath the ice.

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Canada’s shame

It is due to the inherent cruelty involved in the seal hunt that several countries, among them the 27 nations of the EU, the USA, Mexico, Russia and even Taiwan have banned the import of produce derived from marine mammals, including meat and oil from seals.

The production of Foie Gras is no less cruel and involves force feeding of geese or ducks by means of a metal tube. This tube is shoved down the birds throat several times per day while an air pump shoots a corn mixture into the birds esophagus. There are times when the tube may puncture the esophagus resulting in the bird drowning on their own blood which then fills the lungs. Some birds simply burst from the pressure while others may choke on their vomit, suffer ruptured livers or become so weak they cannot fend off rats who then eat them alive. Birds are mutilated, have their beaks cut off, are housed in atrocious conditions which lack both space and water and they are denied the opportunity to interact socially.

Foie Gras burger, Brigitte Bardot, seal hunt

How much cruelty can you swallow?

As with the trade in seal meat, there are a number of nations and jurisdictions that have banned the production and sale of foie gras based on the cruelty involved.

The owner of the restaurant, Kim Côté is a hunter himself. He is quick to defend his culinary cruelty yet, in taking down his Facebook page, has shown himself to be a coward unable to face the global outcry. Instead, he has run to the police with sensationalist claims which include harassment and even death threats. If he cannot take the heat, he should stay out of the kitchen.

Our position is clear. We condemn anyone, whether purveyor or consumer of such cruelty burgers and we shall treat them with the contempt they deserve. While we do not condone death threats, we remain adamant that there is no novelty in supporting any institution that knowingly and wilfully profiteers from unjustified and inexcusable suffering.

Contact details for Bistro Cote Est are as follows

76 Avenue Morel, Kamouraska, Quebec G0L 1M0, Canada. Tel: 1 (418) 308-0739 while their email address can be found HERE