Apr 09

Seal hunt subsidy adds insult to injury

Seal hunt subsidy – superfluous and unfair

Canada’s beleaguered seal hunt is finding itself under ever increasing pressure as the culture of cruelty gasps its dying breaths. Yet another seal hunt subsidy is required.

The vast majority of international nations are slowly but surely progressing towards a more enlightened and humane way of living. Worldwide, 35 countries have completely banned trade in seal products due to the inherent cruelty that is involved. The EU Trade ban of 2009 dealt a mortal blow to the commercial Canadian seal hunt. This ban saw the price of a seal pelt plummet from over $120 to as little as $16

seal hunt subsidy in place so products of cruelty don't get dumped on politicians doorsteps

Dion Dakins (right), chief executive officer of Carino Processing Ltd.,is so desperate to sell even a couple of seal skins that he took to hawking them outside a Bryan Adams concert.

In 2014, the Norwegian government was perceptive enough to see the writing was on the wall. With more and more countries slamming their doors on products of cruelty, the economic future for seal products is limited at best. The Norwegian government did the responsible thing. Rather than throw good money after bad, a 12 million Kronor seal hunt subsidy was scrapped completely. This effectively slammed a nail into the Norwegian seal hunt coffin

Canada on the other hand has become a financially irresponsible and negligent renegade, behaving like a spoiled child attempting to postpone bedtime. The vast majority of Canadians find the seal hunt to be a reprehensible disgrace. However, the government is steadfastly refusing to give up on a culture of barbaric and shameful cruelty. Instead of being economically astute, the Canadian government has, for the fourth consecutive year added insult to injury by providing a seal hunt subsidy.

Another $2 MILLION has been made available to Carino Processing so that thousands of pelts can lay rotting in warehouses around the world. They can’t sell them. Nobody wants them. What logic is there in that? Taking money from the poor and the destitute, giving it to a foreign company (not even a Canadian based group) so that a bunch of fishermen can commit acts of atrocious mass cruelty more cheaply. No one benefits. Millions, frittered away supporting this disgraceful industry.

seal hunt subsidy pays to let pelts rot in warehouses

Harp Seal skins lie rotting in warehouses

A total of $9 million has been made available by way of subsidies. What has it achieved? Absolutely nothing other than to insult the citizens who oppose it. $9 million. Wasted on a bloody mess, a product no-one wants and shipping seal penises to make Harry Potter Potions. 9 MILLION DOLLARS so Stephen Harper and his gang of poorly educated incompetents can fritter away your tax dollars on a bunch of rubbish. You’d swear this was a script for Mad Magazine.

What COULD have been achieved? More than 80% of successful small businesses are started with capital of less than $30 000. These businesses typically employ between 10 and 50 people. That equates to 300 successful businesses. Wasted. Because of ONE stupid, illogical, unscientific, cruel, unethical and downright BARBARIC massacre. And a Muppet in charge.

Honourable, kind, intelligent and compassionate citizens of Canada…. your election is coming up in October. It is time you stopped putting silly muppets in government. Vote for a party that is going to stop the hunt, address climate change and not continue waste your tax dollars, frittering your hard earned cash away supporting bloody seal hunts, muzzling scientists and banning meteorologists from discussing climate change when reading the weather. Stephen Harper, afraid to say it, is Prime Muppet.

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