Seal Index

Seal Index

Take a look at our seal index. Many people are under the incorrect assumption that a seal is a seal is a seal. Well, just as there are different types of whales (Blue whales, Humpback whales, Southern Right whales etc) so too are there different types of seals.

This seal index serves as a resource tool for those wanting to know more about the fascinating world of PINNIPEDS.

There are 33 species and several sub-species of pinnipeds. (from the Latin pinna meaning wing or fin and ped, meaning foot.) They are a widely distributed and diverse group of semi-aquatic mammals.

Seals can be loosely classified into three main groupings. These are as follows

  • Eared Seals (Otariids) ~ This group comprises of fur seals (Arctocephalinae) and sea lions(Otariinae)
  • Earless Seals (Phocids) ~ Made up of Northern seals(Phocinae) and Elephant, Monk and Antarctic seals(Monachinae)
  • The Walrus (Odobenids)



Northern Seals

  • Family: Phocidae
  • Subfamily: Phocinae
These seals all belong to the family Phocidae and more specifically, the sub-family Phocinae. They differ from their cousins the “Monk Seals,” “Elephant Seals” and “Antarctic Seals” which belong to the sub-family Monachinae
Antarctic, Elephant and Monk Seals
  • Family: Phocidae
  • Subfamily: Monachinae