Nov 17

Secrets and Revelations

Many who read this may have been thinking that we have been rather “quiet” this year in terms of our approach to the Namibian seal hunt. More still will be familiar with the phrase “Loose lips sink ships;” an American English idiom which originated during World War 2.  It cautions against unguarded or idle chatter as such could contain certain information which, in the hands of the enemy, could be used against the allies to sink their ships and derail their plans.

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Of course, we did not want this to happen to us. We know there is a small handful of disgruntled, misinformed individuals living in Namibia who believe the earth is flat and that it is their God given right to inflict whatever cruel perversions they can conceive on the seals. These unpleasant characters are devoid of any moral compass and have made it their mission to embarrass the entire country by attacking or insulting anyone who dares to criticise the government over its seal hunt policy. ie us! They delight in making fools of themselves on public forums and they do so by employing zero understanding of the matter at hand, a decided lack of grammatical ability and, of course, a natural heritage of inbred stupidity. We certainly did not want to get friendly with any of them. Instead, we put a lid on it and took our plans underground, leaving the trolls to play their silly games on their own.

The time has come (the walrus said) to reveal part of our little secret. Firstly, it’s not so little. In fact it’s quite huge!! Secondly we are going to need YOU to help us with further plotting and planning! Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to find out what we have been up to??


Behind the scenes we are collaborating with several top international role players on a very special project. We have all come together, bringing with us academics, celebrities, scientists and people of influence. We have put our personal differences aside and we are working on what needs to be done. Not for ourselves. Not for ego’s or fighting over donations or to fuel the petty rivalry that sometimes rears it’s head when strong wills get too close to each other. We are doing it for the benefit of the seals and the delicate environment on which they depend.

It is a mammoth task that lies ahead. We are not deterred. It will require the unique skill sets each organization has to offer. It will require a calm and cool approach. It will require YOUR input as being a part of the collective support base. URGENT – Please sign and share this petition EVERYWHERE you can. 

Our plan is multifaceted. Our goals will not be achieved overnight. They will be tackled methodically in stages and, for security reasons, will only be made public if and when the need arises. This means that at times we may even keep secrets from our very own alliance partners. Ultimately a very healthy situation as it allows for us to retain our own identity while still working together in symbiosis for the greater good. We will need patience and dedication if we are to succeed but succeed we shall. I can say this with conviction because over the last few months those involved have already proven that they have both the tenacity as well as the the sheer bloody mindedness to finish what has begun.

As The Seals Of Nam, we are both delighted and honoured to have the following established and recognised organizations working along side us for this current stage of the plans. In no particular order they are…

While this list may be fairly comprehensive, it is by no means complete or finalised! As with any alliance or collaboration, it is expected that new orgs may come on board at a later stage while older orgs might move on to attend to other pressing matters. This is perfectly normal and happens in boardrooms around the world.
we want you volunteer
To the organizations who have previously collaborated with us on other projects, we thank you for your contributions and wish you every success with your new ventures. And to any unlisted org…If you are an official spokesperson for YOUR organization and would like to be included in the global outcry, please send Pat Dickens an email along with a brief motivation explaining why you feel you should be included and how you think you would be able to assist us by clicking HERE.

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