Apr 09

Sunday Bloody Sunday – Canadian Cruelty and Carnage Begins

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday, April 12th will see the start of the 2015 Canadian seal hunt season; the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth. We will call a spade a bloody shovel. Canadian cruelty and carnage begins on Sunday, bloody Sunday. (Tweet it NOW)

Sunday bloody Sunday - Canadian cruelty and carnage

A mother returns to find her cub butchered, it’s bloody carcass stains the pristine white ice a dreadful crimson. Photo credit unknown. (Possibly HSI)

The Canadian DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) has released a carefully worded notice declaring the dates and times for when the government feels it would be appropriate for people to celebrate their cruel and barbaric tendencies by killing as many sentient animals as they can for no reason what-so- ever. Certainly not to fill a gap in a market or to turn a profit. Those days are LONG gone.

seal hunt subsidy pays to let pelts rot in warehouses

Thousands upon thousands of harp seal skins are laying  rotting in various warehouses around the world.

Sunday Bloody Sunday – Canada’s cruelty and carnage to begin
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DFO advises Newfoundland and Labrador Seal harvesters based in Sealing Areas 4 to 8, that the fishery for Seals will re-open in Sealing Areas 4 to 8 and 12, at 0600 hours on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

This fishery will open for Front Longliners, Areas 5 to 8 Small Boats and Speed Boats, all Area 4 vessels, and Personal Use. This includes License Classes N100 to N106, N300 to N302, and N400.

DFO advises Newfoundland and Labrador Seal harvesters based in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, that the fishery for Seals will re-open in the Gulf, in Sealing Areas 9 to 23, and 25 to 27, at 0600 hours on Sunday, April 12, 2015. The fishery will open for Gulf Longliners, Gulf Small Boats, Gulf Speed Boats, and Personal Use. This includes License Classes N200 to N204, and N401.

DFO further advises Seal harvesters having a homeport located between Big Brook to Noddy Bay inclusive, operating from vessels less than 40 feet, License Classes N203 and N204, that a portion of Sealing Area 5 will also open for Seals at 0600 hours on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Seal harvesters are advised to check with their buyers to confirm a market for their Seals before going Sealing.

Fishers are reminded that licences and licence conditions are available through DFO’s National Online Licencing System.

Additionally, all Commercial and Personal Use Sealers are reminded that landings must be hailed in daily, as per licence conditions.

Finally, DFO reminds all Commercial Sealers that Humane Harvesting Training on the three-step process is mandatory for all Commercial Seal licence holders prior to participating in the 2015 season, and in any future Sealing seasons.

In order to renew a Sealing licence for the 2015 Seal harvesting season, all Sealers must have renewed their 2014 licence, and also must have successfully completed the mandatory Humane Harvesting Training on the three-step process.

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The absolute insanity behind Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. Global bans in 35 countries and lack of demand means you cannot sell the product to a ready market. Nobody wants to be seen endorsing cruelty.
  2. Product is worthless. It may have been feasible to hunt seals 20 years ago. Pelt prices were peaking at nearly US$200 each. The current price is around $18, barely enough to cover fuel costs.
  3. Over $9 million has been pumped into the hunt by way of subsidies. Without government funding, this atrocious hunt would cease to exist.
  4. $9 million could create 300 small businesses using a start-up capital of $30 000 and which could employ between 15 and 50 people on average.
  5. Subsidies have paid no dividends. The hunt continues to suck millions worth of revenue but fails to produce one cent in profits.
  6. Seal hunt subsidies are a constant drain on an already stretched payer. With no relief in sight for the hunt,  the government is showing an alarming lack of business acumen. Any student of economics 101 will confirm these ongoing subsidies amount to financial suicide.
  7. There is nothing scientific in the hunt. Quotas are allocated willy nilly by the DFO. The minister in charge of the DFO has no education beyond high school. She has zero understanding of complex matters of marine systems and their levels of inter-dependence. For all we know she could be using her personal weight gain to determine how many cubs must be senselessly butchered. A case of “After eating all that pie that got slammed in my face, I put on 5 lbs. Best we kill more seals then.” There is no correlation between how many seals she wants bludgeoned and the overall size or health of the seal colony.
  8. No heed what so ever is paid to undeniable environmental factors. Harp seals are ice dependent. They rely heavily on stable platforms of ice so as to haul out, molt and breed. Climate change has resulted in these ice platforms melting early or disappearing entirely. The DFO themselves have confirmed an almost 100% mortality rate of pups born in more years than one. Pups are still too young to swim. They drown or get crushed to death among the shifting blocks of ice.

    shifting ice, seal hunt

    Global warming results in baby seals drowning and being crushed in melting ice. Photo credit IFAW

  9. The government thinks people are idiots and pulling the wool over Joe Public’s eyes is a matter of carefully worded lies and propaganda. The government claims baby seals are not killed. RUBBISH! More than 90% of seals killed are less than 3 months old. Consider that Harp seals live to roughly 35 years of age and only reach sexual maturity at 5 or 6. Many of the pups slaughtered have not had their first solid meal or even taken to the water for the first time. Of course they are babies still. Cubs. Pups. They are not adults in their prime. What the government does NOT want you to hear is that the hunting of whitecoat pups IS STILL PERMITTED under a personal use permit.
  10. The government deceive the public by employing propaganda laden terminology. They refer to hunters and killers as “seal harvesters.” This sugar coating of the issue is disgusting, deceitful, unethical and an insult to anyone who can see past their bull. Grapes and wheat are harvested. Seals are hunted and killed; by hunters and killers.
  11. According to the Canadian government, seals are fish. A fishing licence is required to kill them, not a hunting licence. Our question then is as follows: Is Canada trying to compete with a third world country in their banana republic ideologies? Because in Namibia, seals are not classified as animals. What are the politicians smoking? Seals are mammals. They are of the order Carnivora. They are warm blooded and give birth to live young which they nurse and suckle. They are indeed animals and they are certainly not fish.
  12. Neither the government, nor any other recognised body has managed to produce one shred of conclusive, peer reviewed information that proves seals are a threat to fisheries. Not ONE. Yet several scientists, some even from the DFO, have shown that seals actually improve fisheries due to a complete and balanced ecosystem.

To conclude, Sunday bloody Sunday should be a turning point for Canada. The government should declare it a National Holiday; a day when Canada can feel proud of being one of the most despicable, barbaric nations on earth; a country shunned in the same way that Japan is ostracized for their whaling policy.