Mar 09

The difference between the commercial & traditional seal hunt

Traditional seal hunt versus the commercial Canadian seal hunt
traditional seal hunt vs commercial Canadian seal hunt

The traditional seal hunt is far removed from the barbarity of the commercial Canadian seal hunt

Government propaganda and industry lies obfusticate the fundamental differences between the traditional Inuit seal hunt and the commercial Canadian seal hunt.

The reason for this is that the government wishes to hide their disgraceful and cruel slaughter under the banner of the Inuit, who rely on the hunting of seals for survival.

The reality is that the two hunts are completely different, they take place at different locations, they make use of different methods and they target different species of different age groups.

What ends up happening is the general public become confused between the two. They realise that it is impossible for the Inuit to grow crops in the freezing polar regions and that the Inuit need the seals to survive. The public learns that the traditional hunt makes use of the entire seal and nothing is wasted. This is exactly what the government wants.

Public sympathy is misplaced, because the traditional seal hunt is a far cry from the horrors of the commercial hunt. The commercial hunt sets quotas in excess of 400 thousand seals to be slaughtered. It is violently cruel and exceptionally wasteful. Carcasses are left to rot on the ice and only the pelts are taken for their fur. There is no “dependent on seals for survival” rubbish. Less than 5% of the fishermen’s annual income is derived from hunting seals. The commercial hunt is a constant drain on the tax payer as the federal government uses revenue to bail out this failed industry time and time again. Surely the government should buy out the sealing industry, shut it down and put money towards sustainable, economically rewarding community upliftment projects? But they don’t because ┬áthe commercial massacre is about incompetence, greed and the fickle whims of the fashion industry. It is an utter disgrace!

We often hear the argument “It is part of our culture.” This is nonsense too. Consider that female genital mutilation, Mayan child sacrifice, Chinese foot binding, apartheid and homophobia were at one stage cultural practices. Does this make them right? Do you think you could sacrifice your children on an alter and get away with it because you claim it is cultural? Never. You’d be arrested and sent to prison. As society adapts due to new technologies and ideologies, so too must its cultural practices. Not the other way around. Society does not adapt to culture. Culture adapts to society. If a cultural practice is outdated or becomes unpopular, it must be adapted or scrapped. The seal hunt is undoubtedly outdated and extremely unpopular. In fact, it is despised by 35 nations who have banned produce derived from seals based on the inherent cruelty involved. It will be shut down.

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