Mar 24

TSON Tweet Bomb!


80 thousand Cape fur seals, a species supposedly protected under Appendix II of the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) are violently and savagely beaten to death each year on the beaches of Namibia.  A further 6 thousand adult bull seals are shot at point blank range so their genitals can be exported to the East to make ineffective sex potions.

We have gone through every possible channel to put an end to this barbarity.  In September of 2011, we attended a stakeholders meeting in Windhoek to put forward our concerns to the government.  This meeting, convened by Francois Hugo of Seal Alert SA, included a legal challenge in which it was pointed out that the country is violating their own Animal Protection Act.

We warned government by way of a petition containing 10,000 signatures that we would push for a full scale economic boycott of the country should the annual slaughter continue.  In June of 2012, Namibian Ombudsman Adv. John Walters ruled that a seal is NOT an animal and is thus excluded from any benefits afforded by the Animal Protection Act.  The slaughter will continue.

It is now time to make good on our promise and we ask YOU, our supporters to assist us.  Below you will find a list of “ready made” instant Tweets directed at various tourism agencies, decision makers and celebrities.  Simply click on the button and help us put an end to what is undoubtedly one of the most primitive, perverse and evil industries on earth.

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