Oct 25

Tweet Storm: Tell the tourism industry about Namibia’s brutal seal hunt.

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Kill the Cull

80 000 baby seals are savagely beaten to death on the beaches of Namibia. Undercover footage of this barbarity reveals that these seals receive multiple beatings before they are rendered dead or unconscious. This senseless massacre, which is anything BUT humane, is undertaken to satisfy the whims of greed and profit.

It is the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa and the second largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth.

Namibia cannot be allowed to promote itself as a premier tourist destination if it continues with such violent and socially unacceptable mass cruelty. It is for this reason, as well as ongoing violence against women and children, that Ethical Traveller dropped Namibia as one of its top ten destinations.

The question we ask tourists is the following:

  • Do you want YOUR holiday money going to support a country that bludgeons 80 000 nursing seal cubs to death in a bloody seaside orgy of violence? 

Namibia will be hosting the Adventure Travel Trade Association world conference from October 26. This is a GOLDEN opportunity to let the tourism industry know about the horrors committed in that country.

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