Nov 25

WTO upholds EU trade ban!

Geneva- Switzerland

The World Trade Organization has released it’s findings regarding the 2009 EU ban which forbids the ┬átrade in marine mammal products such as skins, meat and oils from the commercial seal hunts. The ban, which has seen legal challenges from Norway, Canada and Namibia has been upheld. The WTO concluded that although the ban does break certain rules, it is justified given the public moral concerns for animal welfare.

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The EU ban exempts seal products resulting from Inuit or other aboriginal hunts, along with those carried out solely to manage ocean resources.

This important ruling is most welcome as it paves the way for other nations to follow suite. Working in collaboration with several other organizations, we have taken the initiative to begin systematically shutting down all available markets left.

Today will go down in history as the beginning of the end for the sealing industry, an industry that was built on cruelty and one that was tolerated for far too long.

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Thank-you WTO!